What trips can you undertake?

There are tourist and cyclist paths in the town and the surroundings. These do not head to the middle of nowhere, their destinations are attractive (such as Bílá Strž waterfall, Černé and Čertovo lake, look-around peaks of the Šumava mountains - Malý and Velký Ostrý, Pancíř and many others…). If you have good shoes to walk around in them, you can easily take the air into your lungs and enjoy the Šumava mountains.

Even the skiers can find here the right pleasure - the tourist paths are transformed into the running tracks in the winter.

The young skiers fool around the most on two down-hills with tows in "Hojsovka". They are less than one kilometer far away from the cottage. Advanced skiers who need more adrenalin for their lives can go skiing to the Špičák sports area (circa 7 km - reachable by train, car and bus). There are higher down-hills, longer tows and brand new four-seat cable railway. The highest mountain of the Šumava mountains, Javor, is an appealing destination. What amazaing down-hills!

You experience many nice things on your trips during the stay in the Šumava mountains. All over Železnorudsko, there are tourist and cyclist paths not heading to the middle of nowhere, their destinations are attractive.